LIVING IN BELIZE – “Churches in San Ignacio Town, Belize” – 1/27/12

I constantly get asked by people contemplating moving to Belize what kind of churches are here, or if Belize is very religious. The answer is there are more churches than you can shake a stick at from several different denominations. While it’s true Catholicism is the most predominant, others co-exist quite nicely.

Just to prove my point, I toured my neighborhood only last Sunday, and found four larger churces to share with you. Having said that, there are many, many more smaller churches throughout San Ignacio. Some are so obscure, you’d never know it was a church, with just a few chairs and a pulpit on someone’s front porch.

The Baptist Church right around the corner from my house got a new sign recently.

Here's the church that sign belongs to. See the cute little school bus that offers door-to-door service to the congregation.

Unlike the States where most services are predominantly on Sunday morning, in Belize, night services are much more popular. I suppose this is due in part to the fact that most Belizean citizens must work Monday through Saturday during the day.

Sometimes you have no way of knowing what the denomination is from the church's name. I'm sure anyone is welcome though.

This is the back of the Arms of Love Church. You'll notice upstairs living quarters, which is quite a common occurrence.

This church was in full swing when I took this pic, with very loud music and singing - wouldn't want to be their neighbors on a Sunday morning - but it looked fun!

I can't be certain what denomination this church is either, but I would guess Catholic from the name.

I think the back of this church is prettier than the front - love that inlaid cross!

The most well-known and largest church here is Sacred Heart’s, which is a Catholic Church. Most of the primary schools in Belize are run by the church, so if you plan on moving here with children, and you aren’t of the religious persuasion, home schooling is probably your best option.

Also located here is the Sacred Heart Primary School.

So, if you are thinking of moving to Belize, is access to church something that’s important to you?

  • Dr Al

    If it isn’t it will be. Life in Belize is very much like the trials of Job.No matter how moral and righteous a life you have led it will be  a test of faith.When your clothpins are stolen, your fax won’t go through, you hear the word finished too many times searching for a commodity, and nature takes up residence on your skin, and you lost a filling eating steak- this is when you look up ask “God why hast thou forsaken me?” And you take a leap of faith. Like foxholes there are no atheists in Belize

  • Sandy A.

    Belize is also a magnet for cults masquerading as churches. No lie. 
    On the other hand, all the churches don’t bother me because there are 249 churches in the Texarkana area (population 65,000) and I would say 80% of them are Southern Baptist or some offshoot thereof. I guess you would say I am used to seeing it.

  • Anonymous

    Religion, like beauty, is in the eye of the believer.  The small town I was living in in Texas had a population of 980.  It has 11 Christian churches, no two of which are of the same denomination.  They all have normal Sunday services and some have Wednesday evening worship, bible study and/or choir practice.  There are no synagogues or mosques.

    The First Christian Church I attended is 111 years old and was the boyhood church of the 36th President of the U.S., Lyndon Baines Johnson.  Years ago, I got to meet Lady Bird Johnson when she was there for the church’s 100th anniversary.

  • Sharonhiebing

    Yes, you probably are, Sandy. In California, there are far less churches, and they aren’t right in your hood so you don’t hear them singing at night, lol!

  • Sharonhiebing

    What an exciting life you’ve led, Fred. Thanks for sharing another great story!