LIVING IN BELIZE – “When to Visit Belize, Deodorants & Cornstarch”– 4/24/12

The weather here right now in Belize is just perfect! Sunny mornings, hot days but not sweltering, and cool evenings. I am loving it! It really is a perfect time to come visit, but only if you’re coming on vacation. 

Why do I say that? Because I always tell my relocation clients you really should visit Belize, if possible (timing and work commitments don’t always cooperate) during our hottest time of the year – August and September.  This is especially true if you are concerned about how you will be able to handle the humidity here.  If you come during one of those two months, you should get your answer.

Yesterday I had my normal Monday morning office work.  Then I went out to run several errands.  First, I needed to make a quick stop at the market. I was out of bananas, which you can buy ten for a dollar, as well as tomatoes, celery, cabbage, and garlic.  

Every day, as part of my toxin cleanse, I have to eat at least two raw cloves of garlic. Have you ever done that before? I certainly hadn’t. I didn’t realize how hot raw garlic is! It practically burns your tongue. But it has huge medicinal and nutritional properties, so it’s worth it. I’ve actually gotten quite used to it now, but Nige isn’t enjoying it too much, if you know what I mean.

The only thing they were out of was lettuce. A fresh supply of that comes in today, so I’ll go stop by and get some. Next I needed some more deodorant. A word to the wise. Finding clear gel deodorant in Belize is quite challenging.  They mostly sell the solid type, which I hate, because it always gets all over my clothes no matter how carefully I put my shirts on. 

I have one place in Cayo that I can always find it, so I headed over to Era Plaza. It’s expensive though! A little 2.7 oz container of Secret costs $16.95 bze ($8.48 usd) – yikes! But I bought two anyway, because the cost is worth it to me (I hate deodorant stained clothes).

Next I needed some cornstarch. That is allowed on a gluten free diet, and I can use it in place of flour in some recipes as a thickener. I wasn’t able to find it at my normal grocery store last week when I went, so I tried a different store, and I was in luck. Only $2.95 bze ($1.48 usd) for a box of it. 

After all the running around, it was time for my massage appointment. I just love my new therapist. I go see her every ten days, and she is slowly working out years of tension that has built up in the areas that most massage therapists don’t touch, like my sacrum, psoas, hip joints, and stomach, along with my neck and shoulders. She only charges $60 bze ($30 usd) for 100 minutes – you just can’t beat that!

So, are you a gel or a solid deodorant person?

  • Dr Al

    I don’t generally wear deodorant. In in vitro studies, garlic has been found to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal activity. However, these actions are unsusbstantiated in vivo. But in the interest of preserving your relationship I suggest garlic capsules. Can bring if you can’t get it there.

  • Rebekah

    I’m a lover of raw garlic on salads, as long as its allowed in your cleanse, I recommend my own garlic dressing creation:  Juice of one lemon or two limes, few dashes of salt-free seasoning (any kind you like works), 2 tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (more to taste unless you watch calories like me), 2 small or 1 large crushed and diced raw garlic clove(s). 

    This is a very tangy dressing that’s great over a salad with avocado in it, because the dressing makes it hint of guacamole. Hope this helps.

  • Sharon Hiebing

    yum, that sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Sandy A.

    I generally use the “invisible solid” kind of deodorant. But here’s a hint: put your shirt on, then just reach underneath and apply your deodorant. I you shower every day (which I am sure you do) you really don’t need that much deo……for your b.o……ha ha ha I’m a poet and I know it!! LOL!

  • Sandy A.

    I meant IF you shower every day….typo there. Sorry.

  • Sharon Hiebing

    I’ve read garlic capsules may not be as effective as real garlic. Nige just holds his breath whenever he kisses me :)

  • Sharon Hiebing

    I’d probably forgot if I waited to put deodorant on until after I got dressed, lol! Seriously, I have tried that, and it only works well w/ certain tops – kind of messy. I’ll just stick to my gel (old dog you know). Cute rhyme, btw :)

  • desertmanfred

    I just read an article about spicing up your love life.  It said that garlic is known to be a mild aphrodisiac.  Hmm…

  • Sharon Hiebing

    Hmmm indeed! I will have to watch if there is any cause and effect now, lol!

  • Emily Smith

    I really don’t have a problem with staining with the “invisible solid” type.  I got a good deal at Brodie’s on the mainland last week so just bought a new one for when my current one runs out.  I figured it would be cheaper than in San Pedro.  I’m still using toiletries I brought from the US.