LIVING IN BELIZE – “Kumquat Cottage Garden Pics, Eva’s Cottage Guest & Tenant Lunch at Calla Creek”– 5/3/12

Yesterday was a very busy day. Our Kumquat Cottage guest had checked out, and we were having a new house sitter start for us, so we needed to get a set of keys made for him. We inherited the old house sitter when we took over the rental (in fact, he’s the one who referred us to the owner). However, he’s moving out of the country, so we needed to get someone else in place and trained.

We also went to take before and after pictures of the garden. I will share some of the after pictures with you today. The garden is simply stunning now!

Additionally, I had to meet a lady who is currently staying at the Western Guest House downtown, and will be here in Cayo for the next couple of weeks. They would rather have a rental with a private kitchen and saw Eva’s Cottage on our website. The price was right, so they called me to book it.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have access to a printer or scanner to get the Vacation Rental Agreement back to me, so I agreed to meet her in person to do the paperwork.  That was nice because I rarely meet Eva’s guests in person, since she does all of her onsite management herself.

After that, we had a lunch date set up with one of our tenants.  He’s been in San Ignacio Town for a month now, but since he doesn’t have a car, we thought we’d take him somewhere he might not go on his own. We chose the Calla Creek Restaurant, which is about three miles outside of San Ignacio off the Benque Highway.

He loved the place right away, and agreed, he’d probably never go out there on his own – not just because of transportation issues, but because it is a bit obscure – some people don’t even know it exists. We sat by the river at a picnic table. I ordered garnaches to start, because he had no idea what they were, and I wanted him to experience some traditional Belizean food.

He was talking about getting a scooter so he could get around more easily and explore things. He found one for $2000 bze ($1000 usd), which isn’t a bad price.  He’s afraid if he gets the scooter though, he’ll stop walking as much, which is always a dilemma.  I hardly ever walk anywhere since we have two cars, except for our morning exercise, especially now that we live in Bullet Tree Falls and have to go to San Ignacio nearly every day for business or errands.

Luckily, the Cayo area has a fabulous transportation system, so if he doesn’t get the scooter, he can always get places by bus or taxi. Do you find yourself being lazy because you have a vehicle?

  • Trent Lawrence (Lee)

    I always enjoy reading your posts.  I live in a small village in Sweden and when I got divorced I lost a wife, interpreter and chauffeur.  I have a bike and ride it everyday.  A car makes me lazy.  I use the bus to get to the city and will do the same when I relocate.  Does a person need a license to ride a scooter?

  • Sharonhiebing

    Yes, you do need a driver’s license to ride a scooter, but you can use your Swedish one originally (as long as it is valid). Sorry about your divorce (I’m going through that myself).

  • Dr Al

    I don’t know Swedish family law, but it seems to me you should have joint custody of the chauffeur and the interpreter.

  • desertmanfred

    Your photos are wonderful.  If I was about to move there, I would feel right at home.

  • Sharonhiebing

    Well thank you, Fred! That is high praise coming from you. One day soon I will be getting better camera equipment – then I’ll really knock your socks off!

  • Lee

    I’m going to look into that.  Thanks for the tip.

  • Call me Lee

    Thanks for the reply.  One door closes and another door opens.  It will be nice to get out of this cold weather.