LIVING IN BELIZE – “Chiropractors in San Ignacio Town & Cheap Restaurant Prices“ 8/20/12

Friday my day started out pretty nice, with an 11:00 a.m. chiropractic appointment.  I have been a patient of chiropractic since the mid 90’s, when an old whiplash injury I experienced at 18 decided to start flaring up and giving me horrible neck and shoulder pain. Being a slave to the computer in every job or business I’ve ever had hasn’t helped much either.

When I first moved to Belize, I settled in San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye.  I was lucky enough to be introduced almost immediately to a resident chiropractor there named David, who simply goes by the name “Doc.”  He charged $50 bze ($25 usd) per visit, and most times my adjustments were right on his front porch, on the beach, overlooking the ocean! How cool is that?

When I moved to San Ignacio in the Cayo District in early 2011, however, I never could find another chiropractor here locally.  Well, my prayers have been answered, and Susan and Randy Barnes moved here a short while ago, and they are Eastern chiropractic practitioners. 

Now, for $75 bze ($37.50 usd), I get four hand adjustments. It’s actually more of a combination of an adjustment, massage, and reflexology, all rolled into one session. By the end of the session, which I’ve had two now and generally last an hour, I feel like a new person.  My plan now is to rotate weekly my adjustments with my massages, because I really love both and think my body needs, and more importantly, deserves both! If you want to contact Susan or Randy, their number is 623-0241 and their email is

After that, Nige picked me up and we ran over to Meluchi’s to see Roberto, the manager there and DJ extraordinaire!  He had been the one handling the Cayo Women’s group lunch the day before, and I forgot to bring any cash with me, not realizing they don’t accept debit cards.  Well he knows us pretty well, so he just told me to drop it by when I could. Love that kind of small town trust – which is basically non-existent where I come from.

We had lunch after that at Ceneida’s.  This is our second time there, and I still can’t get over how good their food is and cheap their prices are.  For $9 bze ($4.50 usd) I had grilled whole fish, coconut rice and beans, and a salad. After coming back from Texas and spending $35 USD on breakfast for three, I’m so happy to be back to my low, low prices in Cayo.

Do you make it a habit to pamper yourself and get an adjustment, massage or pedicure every week?

  • paul mckay

    Had lunch myself at Ceneidas the other day and it was good indeed.

  • Emily Smith

    I am a really low-maintenance kinda gal. No massages, adjustments, pedicures, hair coloring, etc. I can see where it would be nice to do these things, but by not doing them, I got to retire at 50. :-)

  • Harvey Johnson, DC

    Susan & Randy Barnes are not chiropractors. They are naturopaths.

  • Sharon Hiebing

    Actually, Harry, they are both naturopaths and Eastern Chiropractors. At the time I wrote this blog six months ago, I had yet to discover that. They are truly wonderful and healing people.

  • Jordanna

    Do you have another email address for Susan and Randy Barnes? The one in your post doesn’t work. Thanks.