LIVING IN BELIZE – “A Day at the Pool” 6/6/13

My last blog was titled “A Day at the Beach.” Today, it’s a day at the pool (life in Placencia is tough, huh?).  We happen to live in the Maya Beach area of the Placencia peninsula, and here there are a couple of hotels with pools on the beach.  Besides the ultra swanky Turtle Inn and Chabil Mar, there are no other hotels in the village proper on the beach with pools (I know, hard to believe).

The “beach” at Maya Beach Hotel

What’s nice about the majority of hotels in Belize is most will allow you to come and use their pool (some for free), especially if you purchase a few drinks or some food. Of course, when we go to have a pool day, we plan on doing both.

The pool at Maya Beach Hotel is on a raised platform

We chose to go to the Maya Beach Hotel, home of the famous Bistro, and winners of the 2010 & 2012 Belize Tourism Board’s “Restaurant of the Year” award! It just so happens, our neighbor happens to be one of the chefs here.  They also have free wifi that works even at the pool, which I took full advantage of.

There’s me, working away on my laptop

We spent the day lounging, swimming, eating, and drinking, and all in all really enjoyed ourselves. 

The dock at Maya Beach Hotel, with relaxing hammocks

Nige, contemplating what he’ll do next – order a beer or go for a swim lol!


  • michael

    And with your KK hat…Nice…

  • Sharon Hiebing

    Haha, yeah, you’re gonna be seeing a lot of the KK hat in the months to come lol!

  • Joe

    Lived on Roatan about 25 years ago, came bact to the states to work a bit…. got stuck… now thinking about a move to belize. Retire or work a little, or both.. I don’t know. Any room for a small animal doc?

  • Sharon Hiebing

    Hi Joe! A good vet would always be welcome in Belize. Animals lives are tough here, unless they have really good owners who can afford to take care of them. You’d have to obtain a self-employed work permit and the town council approval (about $2000 usd) to get started doing something like that in Belize, but I think there are several communities this could really benefit. Come here for a research trip and check it out first though. Take care. Sharon